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Welcome to Symbhav 2021 – Pune’s biggest fest! We’re back and we’re going online! From literary, creative, legal events and more to exciting cash prizes and a great place to socialize while social distancing, be assured that Symbhav has something for you. Block your calendars and let Symbhav beat all your blues.

28th - 30th April, 2021

09:30 am - 08:00 pm









Our Story
Symbhav was born in 2009 out of a vision to portray the creative brilliance and artistic panache of students at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The initiative is the brainchild of some of our most illustrious alumni, and has been a resounding success right from its inaugural edition, flaunting the cultural and extra-curricular talent of students not just from Pune but from numerous colleges across India. The constant effort by students over the years has brought bigger and better editions.. This year, Symbhav 2021 is bound to leave an impression and break boundaries with its unique concepts and its ability to adapt to our ever evolving world.

Over the course of our time on earth there have been many unprecedented times which have led to massive changes and these times have all been led by different heroes.Symbhav 2021 will be a celebration of the acts of the past that inspire, encourage and motivate us. It will be a reminder of the precedents set forth by people in the past and an encouragement for the future. The theme, “Paradigms of Progress”, cheers on progress and the ideals that bring about change and progress. It is a call to embrace the way forward and to actively participate in it, to learn from the precedents and apply in the future.

Contact Details -
Convenor- Shervil Adappa - +91 8904003535
Co-Convenor- Varun Pratap Mehta - +91 8568988651
Parantap Singh - +91 9736940450

For Event Queries
Lavanya Gupta - +91 7420037345
Abhishek Ganesan - +91 9553193002
Abhishek Ingale - +91 9762971863
Adyasha Kar - +91 8763240506

Organizing Committee

Shervil Adappa


Parantap Singh


Varun Pratap Mehta



Amrutha Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Rani Electrodes Limited